How simple garage door maintenance can prevent a disaster

How simple garage door maintenance can prevent a disaster

Garage door maintenance is one of the most commonly overlooked necessities of any homeowner. If you aren’t paying attention to some key symptoms, a breakdown could arise at any given time, costing you a fortune in the long run.

There’s nothing quite like returning home after a long day. At that moment, when you’re ready to kick your feet up and relax, the last thing on your mind is your garage door not working. If you’re like most Americans, you use your garage door nearly every day to go in and out of your home. If your garage door ceases to work, you may be in for a headache for the next few days until it is repaired.

But this could be more than mere inconvenience. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimates more than 18,000 people were injured in garage door related incidents in 2014. Those numbers are staggering when we consider most of these could be prevented with proper maintenance.

There are a lot of moving parts with each garage door and, thus, a lot that can go wrong. Many owners believe they will be able to tell when there is an issue before a breakdown occurs, but a trained professional keeps an eye out for a wide variety of things the typical homeowner may miss. Parts such as end bearings, center bearings, flag brackets and top roller brackets often go ignored.

These various pieces of equipment could be damaged through no fault of the owner. For example, lightning storms in the summer can cause a surge in your operator, causing it to malfunction or stop working altogether. Even if your house isn’t directly hit by lightning, significant damage can be done.

The heat in the summer can also play a significant role in the health of your garage door. On a given day, your garage can reach over 100 degrees. Proper garage door maintenance can ensure any issues the heat causes on the operator are smoothed out.

These common causes, along with many more, make regular garage door maintenance essential. If you are in the St. Louis area and are experiencing any problems with your garage, or just want peace of mind knowing your garage is taken care of, call Cardinal Door. Our staff of factory-trained service technicians pride themselves on making garage door maintenance painless and efficient.