Adding Value To Your Home Is As Easy As Replacing A Door

Cardinal Door add value to your home with a new door in FebruaryAs more and more people are looking to increase the value of their existing homes, some of the most noticeable changes are visible from the outside. Because curb appeal of a home is something most homebuyers are attracted to, having your home look its best, whether you’re intending to place it on the market or you’re just satisfied enjoying your dream home for life, is one of the biggest areas of home remodeling and maintenance. Thanks to new and emerging technologies, when selecting the proper materials, upgrades to homes can be more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and visually appealing.

Changing exterior doors is one way to give an existing home a makeover. Adding a new outside front door designed to act as a barrier between your home and nature’s elements, replacing a worn or dilapidated garage door with a sectional garage door, or converting a dated sliding glass door with more upscale French doors are all ways homeowners can reduce heating and cooling costs while increasing their home’s curb appeal.

A home also becomes safer with the installation of new doors. Improperly functioning or non-fitting doors do not allow easy access to escape fire or other inside dangers, are easier for home burglars to break, and may allow outside pests and vermin to enter your home; causing your family to become ill. By installing properly fitting and operating doors, the risk to these life-changing events is drastically reduced. Your family can have greater peace-of-mind knowing in an emergency, a door is going to operate as it should, will fit as intended to deter thieves, and will close tightly, keeping outside pests away.

As part of their current monthly special, Cardinal Doors is pleased to offer customers in the Greater St. Louis area outstanding deals on all doors, garage doors, sectional doors, and ProVia entry doors.  Plus, when purchasing both a new garage door and an entry door, $100 off the cost of installation for the entry door is offered as a special bonus discount.

Because of these great offers, now is the perfect time to replace any doors appearing broken, old, or reminiscent of an eyesore. Since tax time is upon us, using this year’s tax refund check to purchase new doors is a great way to wisely invest your return, since the added improvements will add value to your home. Best of all, your purchase may qualify as a deduction or a credit on next year’s taxes. Since rules vary by municipality, be sure to check tax regulations and credit guidelines before filing.

Cardinal Doors offers free, no-obligation estimates to all customers. Monthly specials are only here for a limited time so act now and reserve your consultation from and experienced professional today. Contact Cardinal Door to learn how new doors can drastically improve your home’s existing appearance and functionality.