Cardinal Door Celebrating 30 Year Anniversary - Press Release

Cardinal Door Celebrating 30 Year Anniversary - Press Release

St. Louis, Mo – Locally owned Cardinal Door of St. Louis, Mo announces it’s 30-year anniversary celebration! It seems like just yesterday that we opened our doors to the city we love. On just a shoestring, we began offering our services to the beautiful people of St. Louis, Mo. Our name and our attitude has always reflected a team spirit, and we just want to say “thank you” St. Louis for 30 successful years! August is our anniversary month and we have some great surprises in store for you.

In addition to our monthly special, we are planning a month long celebration for our 30th year.

More information is expected to be released in just a few days! Check back for updates and thanks again St. Louis for your support through all these great years!

About Cardinal Door

When Cardinal Door began in 1986, the owners, Richard and Connie Naes had little money, but a lot of spirit. Just like our hometown team! Their attitude of “failing is not an option” along with hard work and team spirit has made Cardinal Door what it is today. From small beginnings until now, their attitude and team spirit has not failed.

Stop by our showroom or give us a call! We would love to hear from you!

Cardinal Door
1760 Gravois Road
High Ridge, Mo 63049

Using Commercial Doors to Increase Business

Using Commercial Doors to Increase Business

When a customer, prospective employee, or new visitor first comes to your business, do you know what is on his or her mind? It’s the ability to locate the business, which if venturing to an unfamiliar area, can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, by upgrading current commercial doors, St. Louis businesses will easily stand out from others. Not only does a new door add extra appeal and provide a facelift to your business’ current exterior, but it also serves as an additional medium of advertising, drawing more potential customers to your location. The following are some of the best ways your business can maximize visibility when selecting a new, commercial door.

First, consider placing your logo on the door. This will easily allow a customer to locate your storefront based on an additional source (logo plus address, versus logo only), and help to authenticate your business as a reputable provider. Additionally, when foot or vehicle traffic passes by the location, it also serves as another form of advertising, allowing people to see what service your location provides.

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